Norse Metals’ offers precision machining services. Our more than 30 years of experience ensures quality product is delivered from the smallest prototype to contract machining.


Our sheet metal and structural fabrication is completed by certified welders and our inhouse AWS weld inspector ensures AWS, ASME, and AS9003 quality compliance.


Our experts are here to help with weld consulting, weld inspections, and quality control systems. We have a partnership approach to foster a sustainable relationship where our experience can work for you.


Quality Control Services

Norse Metals’ Quality Control Systems are founded on the belief that quality and safety go hand in hand. With over 30 years experience and in-depth knowledge of AWS, ASME, NAVSEA, and MIL Standard codes along with AS9003 quality system implementation plans can be used for inspection management, repair strategy, metallurgy support, and failure analysis.

Inspection Services

Norse Metals’ AWS (American Welding Society) certified weld inspectors are qualified to provide inspections for welding compliance and visual acceptance of welds to ensure specifications and code requirements are met. In addition, we are able to provide training and certifications to customer specified welding codes. 

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